Dear Lebron: We Don’t Need You. Sincerely, Cleveland

Posted: December 2, 2010 in NBA: Lebron
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By Phil Bausk

Here we are,  about five months removed from Lebron James announcing on national television that he was leaving his Cleveland Cavaliers for his friends in South Beach.  Roughly 20 games into the first season of “The Tripod,”(That’s my nickname because James, Wade, and Bosh are all big dicks) has struggled, while the new look Cavs are playing very respectable basketball.

Obviously, the Cavs will finish with around 30-35 wins and the Heat will eventually put it all together, but at the current moment, this is a game that means a lot for both teams, just not as much as it means for the severed relationship between Sacramento Queen James and the oh so sad people of Cleveland.

Now here’s the million dollar question. Not how the Cavs faithful will treat Lebron upon his return to the Q Arena, but rather how poorly they will treat him. Just a showering of non stop boos? Perhaps a beer bottle or two thrown his way? Maybe even a fan runs onto the court to then realize he is running at a horse/truck?  Or just a moment that only Tivo can capture over and over again. Either way, Cleveland has a right to be upset towards Akron’s Unchosen one, and will display their feelings towards him tonight.

I think the biggest slap in the face that Cleveland could give towards Lebron would be to give Big Z (Zydrunas Ilgauskas) a video montage before the game, and cheer for it like the Cavs fans would’ve if they didn’t get swept by the Spurs in 2007. Then after tip-off, just boo him non stop until time stoppages, where they replay quotes of Lebron’s such as, “I got a goal, and it’s a huge goal, and that’s to bring an NBA championship here to Cleveland, and I won’t stop until I get it.”

Really? Seems like you gave up on that one. And now you are starting to see that people who live in South Beach don’t care so much about basketball?!?!?!? Are you surprised?!?!?!? What would you rather do? Go to a mediocre arena to watch three assholes play basketball, or go to some of the nicest restaurants in the country and rub elbows with some of Miami’s elite. I am sure you know all about the nightclub scene Lebron. I am sure you get rushed everywhere you go, no matter what bar or club you enter with your entourage. You are just a regular Michael Beasley down there, playing for a .500 team and disrespecting your head coach.

Tonight’s contest at the Q in Cleveland is going to be one of the most watched regular season basketball games in television history. People are asking if Lebron should do his powder toss like he always does before games, how far Cavs fans are going to take their disdain for Lebron, and if there will be an encounter between Lebron and his former “buddy,” Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

While these are fascinating plot points, I think it is more interesting to look at the Cavs team itself. While they aren’t the powerhouse they were when they had the Akron Scammer, they are a respectable team in the NBA, trying to rebuild a team that was thought to be so dejected after Lebron fleeing that they shouldn’t bother showing up to arenas to play games. Cleveland will be a good team again within the next few years without James. What they can do tonight to really upset him is show him what he left and that the core of players he thought “wasn’t good enough for him,” has something the rest of the Miami Heat players do not, a whole city of Heart.


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