Happy Hanukkah Beantown! Unwrap Your New Latino Gift

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Major League Baseball
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By Phil Bausk

This weekend started as well as any weekend could for the greater Boston area. The Boston Celtics routed another “contender” in the Eastern Conference, beating the Chicago Bulls on Friday night, once again flashing their senior citizen muscles. Then the city woke up to some phenomenal news on Saturday morning.

The Boston Red Sox and the San Diego Padres agreed to a trade that would send 1B Adrian Gonzalez to Boston, in exchange for 4 Minor League prospects, RHP Casey Kelly (The Red Sox #1 prospect), 1B Anthony Rizzo (#3 prospect), OF Reymond Fuentes, and a player to be named later.

This trade, which Red Sox GM Theo Epstein has been trying to pull off for over a year, helps the Red Sox in a couple of different ways. Gonzalez brings a much needed bat into a lineup losing the likes of C Victor Martinez and most likely, 3B Adrian Beltre. Gonzalez will play 1B, while Kevin Youkilis will shift over to 3B, his position coming out of college. Barring any major additions or subtractions, the top half of the Red Sox lineup will look like this heading into the 2011 season:

LF: Jacoby Ellsbury

2B: Dustin Pedroia

3B: Kevin Youkilis

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

DH: David Ortiz

This is a solid top of the lineup, with two very similar hitters in Youkilis and AGonz hitting back-to-back.

It is obvious that Gonzalez will help the Sawx on the field (Here is an interesting article from “Over The Monster,” a popular Red Sox blog detailing what Agonz brings), but this trade signifies more than just an upgrade at the corner infield spot.

After “losing” the John Lackey sweepstakes a year ago, Red Sox Nation, along with the Sawx front office, knew this off-season needed to have a major acquisition. With the New York Yankees spending over $1 Billion in the last decade on Free Agents, it was obvious that the Red Sox needed to do something to keep pace in this arms race.

Theo Epstein has made his mistakes in Free Agency (See, JD Drew, Edgar Renteria, John Lackey, Mike Cameron) Red Sox Nation (including myself) still trusts his overall judgment. As a Sawx fan I see Theo as a buddy. Sure he isn’t texting me or calling me anytime soon, I mean, I know he’s very busy, but when he gets on that podium for a press conference and starts talking about whatever player he is bringing in, I feel safe, like he is looking out for me and my own personal well-being.

So when I woke up Sunday and heard that the Agonz  trade had potentially fallen through, I was devastated. It was like getting the new Glee DVD (Yeah, I said Glee) and then having an older sibling rip it out of your hands so they could enjoy the sweet melodic riffs of Naya Rivera (Sooo Hot) and Lea Michelle (Not as hot, but Jewish).

For about 4 hours, Red Sox Nation was unsure of what to think. Had Theo been duped? Were we learning about Agonz in a new way? We had no idea he wanted so much money as we saw him as this level-headed, quiet San Diego Padre, who has been trapped in that ballpark like an Oompa loompa trapped in, what I am sure is, a minimum wage job in that crazy Willy Wonka factory where visitors go to die apparently.

So now, on a freezing Sunday afternoon, Red Sox Nation (including myself as the self-appointed Court Jester) awaits a decision. Will they sign any extension with Agonz? Will they do the trade without an extension? Why is Hanukkah turning into the most stressful time of year? Are the Maccabeats for real? And does this mean another season of Adrian Beltre swinging from his knees?

After hours of waiting for reports, it was announced that the trade was official, without an extension, and that Yes! the Maccabeats are taking the country by storm.

This trade helps the Red Sox on a few different levels and is the first punch thrown this off-season by a contender for the 2011 World Series crown. Once again my boy Theo has taken care of me. It may not have been  with a warm bowl of chicken soup or some Vicks Vapor Rub, but it was with a smooth fielding, sexy swinging, Latino first basemen, who I can’t wait to unwrap from under my Hanukkah Bush.

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