For Mets, Sandy Is The Best Alder-native

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Major League Baseball
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By Ari Sirner

By the end of the movie Mars Attacks, the aliens have dismembered Pierce Brosnan and Sara Jessica Parker, destroyed the Las Vegas strip, and eviscerated Congress with their otherworldly laser guns. At the conclusion of this masterpiece, when it’s discovered that yodeling folk music is the kryptonite for the aliens’ evil plan to take over Earth, the creatures from Mars are finally defeated. Afterward, there is a symbolic moment where a deer, a flock of birds, and a triumphant Tom Jones emerge from hibernation, signaling, “It’s safe to come out now.”

Mets fans, it’s safe to come out now. The Omar Minaya years have been tough for all of us, but Sandy Alderson is our yodeler! Few general managers have spent more while accomplishing less than Minaya, who gave. $25 million to Luis Castillo,. $36 million to Oliver Perez,. $53 million to Pedro Martinez,. $66 million to Jason Bay and last and certainly not least, $119 million to Carlos Beltran. He also traded away the Padres current stud closer Heath Bell for a half-eaten kudos bar. Lastly, while it wasn’t with the Mets, Minaya is responsible for perhaps the worst baseball trade in the history of the sport when he swapped Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, and Brandon Phillips for Bartolo Colon. I understand the Expos were being threatened with contraction, but he couldn’t get a little more for that package? You get the point.

Minaya had six seasons at the helm, all with the Mets in the top 5 in payroll, and only  had one playoff appearance to show for it. That isn’t just bad, it’s downright pathetic. Even more of a sham is he managed to deflect so much of that negative attention on Willie Randolph and Jerry Manuel. I saw Willie Randolph at the Giants game this past Sunday, and surprisingly I didn’t want to yell obscenities or throw a chair at him. My instinct, which obviously I didn’t act on, was to give him a hug and say “I’m sorry.”

As you can tell, Minaya was given the bank and then some. According to multiple sources, Sandy Alderson has about $5 million dollars to spend in player acquisitions this off-season. In Omar Minaya’s market, that buys you a fraction of a Luis Castillo season.

The primary purpose of this article is not to bash Minaya (although he just made it too easy), but to implore Mets fans like myself to show restraint and have a little bit of patience with Sandy Alderson. He graduated from Harvard Law School, served with the Marines in Vietnam, and has brought success with him wherever he has worked in baseball for nearly 30 years. What’s not to like?

I know the acquisition of D.J. Carrasco and Ronny Paulino don’t exactly have the same gusto as Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford, or Jayson Werth, but Alderson’s hands are tied. If you want to be mad at anyone, blame the Wilpons.

Sandy may not be a Hall of Fame executive, but he is certainly no Omar Minaya. There’s nowhere to go but up. There’s a poker expression used as a metaphor for hope called, “a chip and a chair”. Please join me in giving an effusive message of support to the chip, D.J. Carrasco, the chair, Ronny Paulino, and to the 2011 New York Mets.

  1. disgruntledmetsfans says:

    Totally disagree with you, Alderson doesn’t have a clue what he is doing, he thinks he is back in Oakland which doesn’t exactly have thriving attendance. Hence them needing to move to San Jose. He is continuing to use a “MoneyBall” approach that was instituted for a small market team. He needs to wake up and realize this use to be one of highest payrolls. He also claims he “knew nothing” when McGuire and Canseco were on steroids and didn’t suspect anything. Just because you have a Harvard Law Degree doesn’t make you a good GM. Look at Brian Cashman- The Catholic University of America or Hall of Famer Pat Gillick who went to USC. Everyone is giving this man a pass just because he went to Harvard. He hired a manager who quit on his last 3 teams and hasn’t had a MLB managerial interview in 11 years. The Mets use to have one of the highest payrolls in baseball they have one of the best TV deals in baseball and yes they gave out some bad contracts but they got the players they wanted. The Nationals wanted Jayson Werth so they overpaid. Sometimes you have to overpay to get the players you want which is clearly evident over the past week. Even the Yankees give bad contracts. BUT THEY GET THE PLAYERS THEY WANT. Alderson never gave out a big contract and doesn’t know how to. He wants to trade the only players on the team that fans (what ever is left of them) come to see. Fred Wilpon has stated over and over and over again” We’ve set a budget, we have always gone over the budget in the 30 years I’ve been here. So the budgets are set for a guide line. I don’t remember one time in all of Omar, or before Omar where the baseball department has come to ownership and said we would like to do this, this, or this, and whatever their recommendation and we turned them down.” So according to that statement Alderson should have no problem going out and signing Top tier players. As one GM at the Winter Meetings said,” Why did the mets come? They are doing nothing here”.
    So Alderson if you are reading this, wake up and realize this isn’t Oakland or San Diego and start acting like a NY GM and put a team on the field the fans can enjoy watching.

  2. Cary Mortiz says:

    Are you sure you didn’t mean a half eaten 10 year old kudos bar?

    thole or paulino?

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