Fantasy Football Playoff Madness Continued…

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Fans and Opinions, Fantasy Sports

By Nathan Hammer

Cardinals VS. Panthers:

Must Starts: Tim Hightower. Panthers rank 25th in rush D and Hightower is coming off a monster game. I also expect Arizona to go up early, which could mean 20+ carries.  Arizona D/ST. My rule all season has been pick up and play any D that faces the Panthers. The Cards D is also coming off a game where they racked up 6 turnovers and a TD against Denver. Oh, and the Arizona D has the most TD’s in the league. Jonathan Stewart. The clear cut number one in Carolina with an appetizing match up.

Strong starts: Larry Fitzgerald. He is borderline must start as he saw 14 targets in week 14. QB issues are the only thing holding him back.

Sleeper: Steve Breaston. The Fitz man will have more blankets then all of the fans at Minnesota University this weekend. Breaston should reap the benefits.

Saints VS. Ravens

:               Must starts: Drew Brees, Maqreus Colston, Ray RIce, Anquan Boldin.

Strong starts: Lance Moore.DO NOT be fooled by the common misconception that Baltimore D is what it was.  Try and tell me who their corners are and who else fills out the secondary. Derrick Mason. Coming off a 2 TD day and has 5 in the last 6 games.

Sleeper: Jeremy Shockey. I believe you will see a Baltimore D playing on their heels to defend the deep ball, which will open up the middle for the big TE.

Falcons VS Seahawks:

Must Starts: Michael Turner, Roddy White (I’m really feeling it), Tony Gonzalez.

Strong starts: Matt Ryan. Border line must start, but looked shaky against Carolina last week. Mike Williams. If truly healthy, he could go off, but I would like to see him back in action before committing in the playoffs.

Sleeper: Ruvell Martin. Had a chance to shine last week and ran with it. Williams being back should free him up even more.

Broncos VS. Raiders:

Must starts: Darren Mcfadden. Knowshon Moreno. Moreno has quietly had 5 consecutive weeks of 15 or more points (ESPN standard) and with Kyle Orton struggling, he becomes ole reliable. Brandon Lloyd. (Due to injuries in the Raiders secondary, most notably Nnamdi Asomugha.

Strong starts: Louis Murphy. About time, but finally healthy and dangerous

Sleeper: Jason Campbell. Hell after last week, he isn’t much of a sleeper. All eyes will be on Run DMC, allowing Campbell will make them pay.

Jets VS. Steelers:

Must Starts: Rashard Mendenhall. He has been a victim of a diminishing offensive line but remember the rule, start your studs. Hines Ward. Always comes up big towards end of the season and he proved so last week. Santonio Holmes. I would bet he gets over his case of the Steve Johnson’s and returns to form. Plus think he has extra incentive? Both D/ST’s.

Strong starts: Mike Wallace. Hard to bench him, but do you really want to take a risk of being stranded on Revis island in the playoffs?

Packers VS. Patriots:

Must Starts: Greg Jennings. Irrelevant of who is tossing to him. A guy with that much skill can catch balls from anybody. Tom Brady, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, and Wes Welker. Consistency wins in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers if he is active

Storng starts: Donald Driver (if Rodgers plays). The guy sees so many targets. Rob Gronkowski. Border line must start, but is yet to prove himself in front of his home crowd.

Sleeper: James Starks. His value shoots way up if Rodgers can’t go. A solid play either way.

Bears VS Vikings:

Must starts: Matt Forte. Adrian Peterson. If he was healthy, I could see this turning into a monster game with rookie QB Joe Webb pretty much calling “Hut Hut 28” every play. Shame they probably won let him carry more then 15-20.

Strong starts: Sidney Rice. The kid has to throw to somebody and Rice can make the rookie look good.

Sleeper: Toby Gerhart.  He will, at the very least, ease the load off of AP and remember kids he is a former Heisman runner up waiting for an opportunity.


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