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Posted: January 4, 2011 in Misc.
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By Phil Bausk

Abrasive, lethargic, selfish, and gluttonous. These are some of the words used to describe one of my role models, Mr. Homer J. Simpson. He is seen as the boorish, intolerant American. Someone who is always looking out for themselves, and is concerned with the “finer” things in life such as Duff Beer, Buzz Cola, and Nuclear Safety. Quotes like “Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand,” give the impression that Homer is also a cruel man, who doesn’t want to help others with their problems.

He is not considered a great family man as he spends much of his  time with his drinking buddies, Lenny (=white), Carl (=black), and Barney Gumble. Homer even goes as far to admit that his bartender, Moe Syzlak, is his life partner. He has lost countless jobs, been accused of sexual harassment, stolen Christmas from his neighbors, given his son esophageal damage, cheated on his taxes, and committed many other horrific offenses.

So what is Homer’s redeemable quality? What separates Homer from every other obnoxious American who always thinks they are right and knows what’s best for everyone around them? Why does a 23 year old man, with a relatively decent head on his shoulders, consider this man to be one of his role models?

Maybe it’s because I am a lot like Homer Jay. I too can appreciate a nice, cheap can of beer. I can go a long time without doing anything productive and squeezing in a solid 8 hours of TV a day. Eating unnecessary amounts of food is a hobby I have picked up from watching Homer at least once a week.

Or maybe I see that childlike innocence from Homer that resonates with me. While Homer is responsible for a lot of negative things that goes on in the Simpsons household, he is also responsible for some of the most sentimental moments the show has ever had.

Though he appears dimwitted and simpleminded, Homer is an extremely complex character. His love for his wife Marge is so deep; it makes Romeo and Juliet look like two people walking out of a motel that charges by the hour. In one episode, Marge was the reason for Homer missing out on a life-changing amount of money. Homer thinks he has fallen out of love with his wife, but the second he looks up at her eyes, he feels like he is 17 again (Your welcome, Zac Efron).

So many Simpsons episodes revolve around this premise. Either Homer or Marge (usually Homer) do something wrong, and the other forgives them for their mistake. Homer admits that he doesn’t know how to live without Marge. He says how the one thing he can offer Marge that no other man can is complete and utter dependency. Obviously, Marge finds this very romantic and takes him back.

It is this trait of Homer Simpson that I try and feel a real connection with. It’s his unconditional love for certain aspects of life, such as his wife and his beer, which is something I want to strive for moving forward in my life. There are few things people today love to the same degree. There are always doubts and questions in the back of people’s minds when it comes to using that word love. To Homer, it’s just who he is.

He expresses his relationship with alcohol in a very simple way. When Springfield has overcome prohibition, Homer stands on a few barrels of beer, raises his glass and says, “To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” He knows the negative aspects of alcohol, but loves its so unconditionally he would much rather get buzzed every day and not care about what it has done to his personal relationships.

Now I am not saying I am going to go off and become a raging alcoholic and neglect my life’s responsibilities. It’s just that feeling of unrequited love towards something that is a part of my every day life that i want to have. It is this trait of Homer’s that is very enviable, along with never going to work or college, and still managing to have a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

A great example of Homer’s complete ignorance is the case of Frank Grimes. Grimey, as Homer lovingly called him, had to work extremely hard for everything he got in life, while Homer has gone to space, eats lobsters for dinner, and has a son who owns a factory. Grimes sees how Homer behaves at work and knows what everyone else knows, that Homer is mentally slow. He repeatedly displays his disapproval towards Homer, while Homer just sits there smiling at Grimes, asking him questions and attempting to create a buddy-buddy relationship with him. Homer is oblivious to the fact that Grimes hates him and wants to have nothing to do with him. But this is where Homer is at his best. He just wants to be Grimes’ friend. He wants to be able to hang around with him at work like he does with others such as Lenny and Carl. He has no idea how much he irritates Grimes, even to the point where Grimes kills himself pretending to imitate Homer as a slack-jawed yokel (Your welcome Cletus). Homer still doesn’t understand how much Grimey hated him, even at Grimes’ funeral.

While there are moments throughout the Simpsons where Homer is concerned with how others think of him, for the most part, he is his own person and does as he pleases, enjoying life’s pleasures without concern for his surroundings. This is another trait that most people can’t attain because of their situation in life.

Some people may ask why I don’t envy Peter Griffin; he’s the same guy as Homer just white and not yellow. Well first off, you are racist, as there is nothing wrong with having yellow skin and only 4 fingers. Secondly, Homer is who I grew up with. I would watch every Sunday night whatever adventure the Simpson family would get into. Peter Griffin is a poor man’s Homer Simpson and anyone who does not see that needs to go watch the first 5 seasons of The Simpsons.

For me, the bottom line is that Homer, while having many undesirable traits as a person, is someone we should strive to be in some facets of our lives. We should do what we are passionate about, rather than just sit back and let our bills dictate how to spend the next 30-40 years. If we see something, we shouldn’t sit there and weigh the pros and cons, we should go get it. While this isn’t a very reasonable thing to ask of people, there’s always that childlike hope that Homer has, that maybe one day can get everyone, including myself, to enjoy our lives on the simplest of levels.

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