By Jesse Schneiderman

We all love the ESPN trade machine; at least I know I do. As a lifelong Knicks fan, all I’ve thought about since the Akron Scammer took his talents to South Beach (and perhaps due to karma, lost to the Clippers), are potential trades to continue to improve my favorite team. Assuming the Carmelo mega-deal goes down and the “Nyets” become the “Bizarro-Should’ve-Been-The-2004-Pistons,” New York can stand to make a few moves to better themselves and prepare for a playoff run, which will likely start with the Bulls or the Celtics unless the Knicks can crack the top five. For this reason (and my own obsessions), I’ve come up with the following masterpiece, along with reasons why it should and shouldn’t happen:

Knicks Receive: Jason Thompson (C), Omri Casspi (SF), Charlotte’s 2011 1st round pick (top 10 protected)

Charlotte Receive: Danilo Gallinari (SF), Bill Walker (SG), Anthony Randolph (PF/C)

Sacramento Receive: Gerald Wallace (SF), Andy Rautins (Towel Waving White Guy, er, PG)

Why it Should Happen:

The Knicks need a center. They have made that abundantly clear. Ronny Turiaf is an all-around good guy who has played really well recently, but New York needs a bigger, stronger center to help take the burden off of both Turiaf and Amar’e. Ronny plays less than 20 minutes a game, because he lacks offensive prowess. With Thompson, they get that center, while Omri gives them solid help off the bench, as well as some defense (gasp!), and an Israeli to teach Rabbi Stoudemire some Hebrew. With Wilson Chandler’s impending Restricted Free Agent status, they’re going to need to save money somewhere, so cutting ties with Gallo and getting cheap help through Thompson and Omri is a definite plus. Also, they get a 1st rounder for more cheap help down the line.

Meanwhile, Charlotte receives the cap relief Michael Jordan so desperately craves (or at least he says he does in between holes), a young, potential star in Gallinari, an athletic swingman in Bill Walker, and the undying upside of Anthony Randolph. With this deal, the Bobcats can trot out D.J. Augustine, Walker, Stephen Jackson, Gallo, and Tyrus Thomas if they want a small-ball shooting lineup, or bring Walker off the bench and start Kwame Brown/Nazr Mohammed/Randolph (gulp) if they want a more traditional starting five. Sacramento also benefits here, getting the veteran leader that they desperately need in Gerald Wallace. He also helps to solidify Sacramento’s status as “The Most Hood Team in the NBA” by teaming with Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins, which makes the addition of Andy Rautins to the deal even more comical (in the interest of full disclosure; that’s the only reason he’s in the trade). In Andy’s defense, he does have a fundamental understanding of the 2-3 zone, so that’s something.

Why it Shouldn’t Happen:

Until the Carmelo Anthony deal is done, the Knicks aren’t doing anything. That is a massive hold-up to any deal like this one. Along with that, Charlotte may not be looking to make any moves because they’re finally playing better with Paul Silas at the helm, despite needing to save cash. Sacramento should pull the trigger, seeing as they could use an elder statesman. They’re not playing Thompson or Casspi enough to justify not trading them, and they’re lineup gets a giant upgrade with this deal. With this trade, opponents face a starting five of Beno Udrih, Tyreke Evans, Wallace, Demarcus Cousins, and Samuel Dalembert. Not good by any means, but not bad. Despite that, introducing Cousins and Evans to the potential of more drama in the locker room is something that more than likely scares Geoff Petrie away from making a deal like this.

This trade would benefit all teams involved, however I can’t see it happening quite yet, at least while the Carmelo sweepstakes is still afoot. Hopefully the guys from the Dirty Jerz pull the trigger soon so the Knicks are free to look elsewhere.

  1. Dan G says:

    Jesse… I know you’re a diehard Knicks fan like me, so I obviously respect your argument — in which you are correct, we do need a center, badly. Indeed, Stoudemire is a PF, and our “Center” Ronny Turiaf is a better cheerleader than he is a low-post defender who is poised to potentially guard such NBA bigmen as Al Horford/Dwight Howard come playoff time. But I have to say, I didn’t even give you the benefit of the doubt by reading the remainder of your article after looking at that downright horrific awful trade idea.

    Jason Thompson? That’s the best we can do? So we’re trading 2 out of our top 3 potential-packed future all-stars for a low post guy who can’t even get minutes on the Sacramento Kings (behind the likes of free agent-to-be Samuel Dalembert)? Come on man. Jason Thompson doesn’t bring us anywhere closer to where we need to be this year, especially if we’re dealing Gallinari (like him or not, he’s a potent scorer and great player– despite several of his short comings, namely the fact that he would lose to half the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” in a foot race), as well as further breaking down our already depleted bench.

    If we could pull off Thompson for Walker and an expiring Curry — that’d be better. Again, contracts wouldn’t work out, but then we’d be going somewhere. I don’t think Donnie Walsh had Jason Thompson in mind when he dealt David Lee for a consensus sure-thing future all-star in Anthony Randolph… Yes, Randolph doesn’t get minutes on our team, but there are several sources who say that he is untouchable, even in a deal for Carmelo Anthony (check today’s NYPost), and just needs time to grow mentally.

    Point is… we’re not winning this year. How about we wait for the off-season to make some moves with the cap room we’ve saved, and not make a ridiculous (!!) trade for Jason Thompson.

  2. Jared says:

    I wouldn’t do that deal if I was the Knicks. Jason Thompson is more of a PF and isn’t a bruiser. They need someone who can guard the Kendrick Perkins/Andrew Bynums of the world yet still run the floor. Thompson isn’t that.

    Sacramento doesn’t give up Omri and Thomspon just to get Wallace, who has regressed.

  3. von wafer says:


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