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The Only Santana Worth Watching

Posted: December 8, 2010 in TV

By Phil Bausk

Alright, it’s a Tuesday night, cell phone is turned off, room is already cleaned up, and dinner is about to be served. No, I am not on a date, nor am I meeting with a client. I am sitting in my living room with my feet up and my ears wide open, waiting for the magic of Glee to take me away from the real world. 

While I have referenced Glee in a previous article, I have yet to share my affinity for the show with the general public. Friends, family, and unsuspecting civilians on the subway (Sorry for those of you on the L train), are familiar with my obsession with this show. Whether it be drooling over Santana, played by the dangerously (Dangerous to us Jews) attractive Naya Rivera,  or getting caught up in the emotional story lines with every character, with perhaps none more controversial than that of Chris Colfer’s brilliantly played role of Kurt Hummel, an openly gay high school student in the small town of Lima, Ohio.

I am a 6″4, 23 year-old man, who plays sports every week, watches sports everyday, and doesn’t know a thing about shopping for anything but basketball sneakers and different types of food and soda. If you passed me on the street you wouldn’t expect to pull off my headphones and have me listening to the Glee rendition of “Teenage Dream.”

Now the title of this post is alluding to New York Mets Starting Pitcher Johan Santana. Honestly, would you rather watch him pitch 7 solid innings of regular season baseball, or watch this Latina firecracker prance around a stage in a high school cheer leading outfit. I think if you chose the first option, you need to take a step back and reevaluate where your life has taken you.

While the world of Glee seems all peachy and full of love, it bears a harsh reality. Men are not supposed to look forward to watching high school kids parody songs and learn life lessons. They are supposed to drink beer, watch a random college football game, and play a game of Madden before going to sleep. There is no room for Lea Michelle’s journeys into Broadway musicals in the world of men.

Anytime I have told a guy or girl that I watch Glee, I have either gotten a, “Aw, C’mon man, you can’t be serious,” or the more annoying, “That’s so sweet, I saw the first 2 and decided it was too girly for me,” with the latter coming from a 22 year old girl who doesn’t watch football because she can’t watch people hurt each other.

When I first started listening to Glee music, I would play the music a little lower than the normal music I would listen to (though I guess John Mayer isn’t much manlier). Walking in the streets, I would refrain from taking my headphones off in the off chance that a stranger would hear Amber Riley’s powerful bravado. If someone heard the music, I would automatically turn bright red and quicken my pace walking down the sidewalk.

Glee has been on the air for over a year now and has become one of the most popular shows on TV so fast that Yamon Figurs would be embarrassed to race it. Everywhere you turn, there is a Glee advertisement, telling you that you are missing out on the greatest show on TV. CDs, DVDs, and live concert tickets for Glee are selling faster than University of Florida students are selling their football season tickets for next year.

It used to be a chore to try and hide this fascination with world of McKinley High School. There wasn’t many people I could talk to about Mr. Schuester’s marital problems, or Quinn Fabrey’s unwanted pregnancy. Now I see Facebook statuses and tweets devoted to Glee, immediately following each new episode. I can walk the streets proudly as I listen to Naya Rivera’s rendition of Valerie, or the cast’s version of Bruno Mars’ Marry You.

All I know is that Johan Santana has nothing on these kids, especially Ms. Rivera. I know my other would kill me, but how do I say “No,” to this face? As if she wasn’t attractive enough, she has to be wearing a Boston Red Sox hat! I may as well face facts and start looking for a new home because after my mother reads this, I won’t have anywhere to sit with my feet in the air, to watch the future Mrs. Phil Bausk, and the rest of the Glee cast.